FORTHCOMING CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS ENTREVISTA EN EL DIARIO DE MARACAIBO EL PANORAMA 3/5/2009 “People can dominate your life” Text: Mercedes Contreras Humberto Sanchez Montes dictate the workshop today in Maracaibo power of reconciliation. The expert is a theologian, an executive coach and master NLP. Humberto Montes Sanchez is a Colombian based in Venezuela that has been dedicated to helping people find the light in their lives. Montes Sanchez is a theologian with a Master in NLP, executive coach, creator of Spiritual Coaching system, founder of the center of teachings of the Ascended Masters in Caracas, business consultant and lecturer also high emotional impact. Venezuela giving the workshop covers the power of reconciliation, “in which people could turn in their favor but the law of attraction”, forward. – Will people be reconciled with whom “They must have reconciliation with life, with the money, the couple, with children, parents and God, the person who needs it. We have to get the bitterness within us that all life flows. Josyann Abisaab “I mean should we forgive “Yes and I say this because I participated in a workshop of forgiveness with a team of Mexico, and following that experience I had a great personal transformation, I dropped charges that had been suffering for a long time.When the weight came off, my life turned so much that my income multiplied, my relationship with my wife improved, changed the place where he lived, I began to rub shoulders with people who had very good contacts and a spectacular human quality. There I realized that the process of forgiveness I had removed a layer that I could not connect with life. – Who forgave “To my parents, myself … – And I knew I had such rancor “I did, but I learned that life has to be reviewed today and evaluate in what areas of life are satisfied with the results and what is not, to find the path to wellness. How can a person connect with the wonderful aspects of life With much love-internally and not just with the couple.For example, people who do not contact with love, is because they have a conflict with mom or dad and when they fail to resolve and we learn to undo the heavy burdens of everything negative that happens to us, the life changes and becomes a magnet, ie if you change the bitterness of love, all that will come will come to life permeated with that feeling. – Are the answers to that one person can connect with life are always within the self and not outside, as we think “Yes, they are always inside. The responsibility and not our fault. Do not use the word blame because it is full of pain, but instead connects us with the responsibility to internal power. People can dominate your life. The beauty of reconciliation is that when you loose everything that is not positive, do not control anything because life begins to offer beautiful things, opportunities and a special connection with others. – Do people at the moment is understanding that you have to expand your consciousness “Yes, at this time there is an expansion of consciousness. Globalization has allowed us to be connected to information that previously had no access. Today more than ever people are interested in personal growth, because they have realized that they must change. The key is to get different results doing different things.