Golf has its

Golf has its origins in the fifteenth century in Scotland, where shepherds amused themselves with sticks hitting boulders until you reach a goal. Over time these shepherds perfected the game and introduced the first rules. Golf is played in a field or field of grass natural outdoors. Unlike many sports, golf does not have a standardized playing surface. A golf course occupies a wide area and is generally composed of 9 or 18 runs partial.At the end of each of these routes is a hole in the surface which has a diameter of 107.9 mm, by extension, each of the journey is also called hole. The order traversal of the holes on the court gives its name to each: Pit 1, Pit 2, etc. hole until 9 or hole 18 as appropriate. In some courses the holes are also other commemorative names given or taken from some of its features: its difficulty, its design, the names of flowers, etc.. To play a round of golf, will have to complete 18 holes in an established order. The first stroke of each hole is made in the tee, and the last is to achieve hit the ball in the hole. The result (score in English) in golf is obtained by adding the number of strokes with which he has managed to put the ball on each hole.The overall result is therefore the sum of 18 partial results have been gathered during the game. The assessment of this outcome in a competition will depend, however, other factors: the mode being played and the weighting of the level of play of each player (handicap system, very important in golf because it is the tool for ensure that all players compete on equal terms, regardless of their level of play). The first blow is always hard to get as close as possible to the hole. For the tee shot can place the ball on a wooden or plastic tee called, in order to ease the impact. The blows shall be effected with the ball as it lies. In each course there are holes three, four and five strokes, called hole par three, par four or par five.If the hole is three strokes (par three), the usual strategy that follows the player is to get the ball onto the green and with the first blow. In contrast, in the four-hole (par four) and five strokes (par five), significantly longer, you must hit the ball hard again once or twice to get to be on the green. Once on the green, players no longer hits the ball hard to fly some distance, but the strike gently with a special stick – putter – to go shooting, and introduced into the hole.