Growing Security Concerns

As cities grow, are also growing security needs, therefore form more complex organizations, with better infrastructure, more exposure to direct actions to maintain peace, order within these communities. In a country like ours which is fighting for its development, becomes imminent rise in crime, the same that focuses in three aspects, first we have the crimes that are closely linked to acts of corruption occur in certain sectors of state power under illicit negotiations embezzling the national treasury. As a second point we have crimes that are related to trafficking and money laundering from drug trafficking. One of the ways that various people have been necessary to engage in illicit enrichment is illegal drug work, considering that the drug is referred to several countries with high consumption of it, making it possible for this type of crime is really great economic benefit to the authors. In our country there are real groups of drugs, frozen in shell companies, which are rarely detected early and that suffer the consequences of police repression, they are usually individuals who in the slang of drug trafficking are known as "burriersa that risk their lives for money, ingesting cocaine hydrochloride capsules that burst and these in their stomachs, die immediately and were placed in the morgues of countries in Europe and the United States, no one claimed their bodies, which are made public knowledge by constant information from the media. Thirdly we can point to a group of offenses such as against property, against the sexual freedom that is the highest rate, are committed by those citizens who because of social psychology, structured dependence by joining the class to which they belong, often the most impoverished, is engaged to commit, knowing that will bring a sanction that generally affects the loss of their freedom, the same that is based on the foundation of social and remove the core place in prisons, where as in mental hospitals can not affect the legal rights protected by the state.