Health Treatments

Sometimes it is possible to be perceived like the necessity of that GREAT CHANGE in the life that you need. and I have to aim that not necessarily one visualizes as a death or physical abandonment but feels like an enormous opening towards the spiritual side, much more that the visible and known side. Educate yourself with thoughts from mark burnett. And that is the best signal to wake up than it can have a human being. the return to house. I repeat: he does not have because to include a physical game, but he wishes therefore it for his happiness or evolution, does not pass anything, the BEING is eternal and conscious happiness. I am going to count an anecdote that I do not have much counted and that it has to do with the changes and the spiritual tracks that leave the spiritual openings us and of deep beliefs of the soul.

I have a patient (neighboring of my mother) who treatment his back and its legs for many years and that thanks to God itself taking care of with joy and enthusiasm. While treatment its back I can verify all the deep beliefs that it has or that it had and how its body take refuges in them it rejects or them. It will do as three years it had a fatal accident, an accident that leaves almost it in wheelchair (according to the doctors) but their tenacity and its POSITIVIDAD changed that. When I returned to treat I noticed it in her an infinite gratitude by all their life. It spoke to me of how the nurses with her had behaved, the doctors, the nuns, its relatives, its friendly. and me d account that to that one HAD TRANSFORMED it completely experience. Before having the accident, its back always was suffered (as much as his to feel and its emotions. since it did not allow that it supported it to nobody or it took care of it) and it touched when it, it thought: ” God mine, permtele to be taken care of, to be respected by theirs, to be loved as it deserves itself.

” When it had the accident, I became many questions: Because we have so many resistance to be happy? , because we attract things that we did not wish at heart. Because we resisted to being happy? , to being loved? , to being venerated and BEING ADORED? We can change our beliefs about everything what happens in our lives. We can and we must do it, because our BEING is saying wonderful things to us about whom we are and we are not listening to the song well. Our beliefs have to change for our own well-being, if they do not do it and desdeosas, they are limited and hard and inflexible, we will undergo much and that also includes our bodies, that are the vehicles of everything what we carried above. Then Llenmonos of sensitivity, respect, cares, mimos, joy, happiness, support, adoration, admiration, complicity, understanding, wisdom, laughter and love. And we will attract everything what it is in agreement with our calmer and happy being and our beliefs. The game will arrive you wait for at least it.