Herbalife in the Marketplace: The people using the products realized two things: controlling your weight, and his friends wondered as they had done. Quickly it became clear that the”word of mouth advertising “works better than any other – people would realize the results for itself! In fact, the first distributors realized that if someone could get enough subject only to ask, the products sell themselves. So where were promoted Herbalife, with buttons and stickers that read, “Control Your Weight Now, Ask me As”. Perhaps you have seen too – the family messages in red black and who are now in over 65 countries worldwide. Herbalife offers a wide range of scientifically advanced products, not only for weight control, but also for improving nutrition in general, the skin care and hair. There are over 150 different products for all life processes, with new products launched constantly. To ensure that Herbalife products are safe and effective and the latest in nutrition technology, Herbalife has a Medical Board, which includes a group of renowned medical experts, scientists, nutritionists and professionals in health care, including the Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine 1998. They supervise the research and development of Herbalife products. Many members are also trained around the world, so that distributors are kept well informed about the Herbalife product line. Although Mark Hughes is no longer with us, its principle guides us, their loyalty to the worldwide network of Herbalife distributors, customers, employees and shareholders remains because we continue to observe this principle in everything we do. The dream of Mark to bring good nutrition around the world come true every day. 27 years of success. Backed by 27 solid years of success, Herbalife International is a world leader Industry of nutrition and personal care, reported sales of 2.1 billion dollars in 2000. Herbalife aims at an even greater expansion in today’s global marketplace, adding new countries every year. Herbalife is a publicly traded corporation on the NASDAQ stock exchange, characterized by exclusively considering high technology firms. Operations Center in Inglewood, CALA Herbalife headquarters is located in a 15-story tower in Century City, California, just two miles from the original location in the heart of Beverly Hills where Mark Hughes started Herbalife 25 years ago. matrix Herbalife Office in Los Angeles, CADE 1984 to 1996, the Company was based in an office building near Los Angeles International Airport.