Historical Tours In Cologne

Daily interesting sightseeing tours in Cologne Cologne’s historic city tours brings you and your guests through Cologne and presents the 2000-year old city history at original locations. Stories and Verzallcher around the biggest Gothic Cathedral of the planet, the Cologne Cathedral. Remarkable and amazing experience on a guided tour of a special kind in the historic old town district of Cologne. Looking for traces in the CCAA (Colonia Claudia ARA Agrippinensium, to German: Claudische colony and sacrificial site of Agrippinensier) and the Roman city on the Rhine from which has evolved the present city of Cologne. On our tours, they learn with his city idendifiziert stories of Caesars and barbarians, Germans, French and how today’s Cologne. Kolsch (colognian) as a way of life, dialect and drink present we you on the most famous and most popular hiking trail of in Germany, the brewery trail.

Pilgrimage and to the most famous Cologne breweries and take the Brewery tour the highlight of your stay. Experience the middle ages, hangings and Frivoll with us. Sex and crime in the middle ages and the ‘hillige Cologne’, serves as a breathtaking backdrop, if it goes on this tour, ‘below the belt’. Unforgettable, amusing, funny guides present the city of Cologne and your very special charm. Our city guides bring you with rheinischem humor and heart closer to the metropolis on the Rhine. We organize city tours and excursions for groups of all kinds, as well as for individuals. Whether on foot, by bus or boat.

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