How To Lose Weight Without Losing Confidence ?

Read the story well. One of the women I loved most in the world (my grandmother) consulted regularly, all the doctors and specialists in the city in hopes of losing 30 or 40 kg who imprisoned him. She had never received and these have been repeated failures, one day, because of its commitment to such an extent that she threw her dream of nettles until the end of his days. I saw her gradually, "enter into solitude, away from her and even have on those around him (except me …) under a dry, sharp, often unjust. This was, of course, that the look of a woman trapped in an unhappy and although she tried to forget the arrogance and the food. This woman comes to me, obviously, the passion for this profession that I practice with my wife for several years to the point of forgetting, moreover, that his trade.

You will understand: we are coaches in wellness and we help people lose weight serious seriously. Whenever my wife or myself avoid that nobody throws away his dream of nettles, I think, moved to my grandmother. Every victory over fate, doubt, fear of failure, distrust, self-forgetfulness and the eternal "it is useless, I tried everything!" I think this woman that I loved so much and who, without admitting no doubt, waited only three things from his "supporters" rather than a benevolent order accompanying uncertainty, rather than listening carefully Diagnostic and cold, especially the certainty that together anything is possible as long drink from the same source: that of trust … Trust is that, above all, that is on