Jewish tradition relates to the figure of the Tzadik

There are certain beliefs associated with the concept of Tzadik. In Jewish tradition there are numerous legends that talk about the goodness of the Tzadik and this might attract the grace of the Creator. Among them is books on the Kabbalah the story of Pentakaka (from Greek five sins), a pimp went to a woman for prostitution in order to raise money and thus freeing her husband from jail. Pentakaka preferred is a student of Rav Brandwein to sell their property in order to save the dignity of women. Thus, the anger that counts as the story goes when Pentakaka to Madonnna the synagogue, the prayer of the faithful for rain is celebrities always heard.
Another belief linked specifically to Tzadikim Nistarim, refers to these as the foundation stones of lectures the world, the mainstay of the world, that is, justification before God for man’s existence. Already in Genesis in the episode of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned the possibility of the existence of a certain number of righteous can avoid a catastrophe :
And he approached Abraham and said: also destroy the righteous Kabbalah with the wicked ‘. Perhaps fifty righteous within the city: Is also destroy and not forgive the place Zohar for the sake of the fifty righteous that are teach Kabbalah within the ‘. Away tikkun from you doing this, you make the right to die with the wicked, and that spirituality is just treated as the wicked, never do this. Judge of the whole earth, Is not done what is lessons right ‘. Jehovah then responded: If found in Sodom fifty righteous within the city to forgive all love this place for them.
Genesis, Chapter 18 23:27, “On the destruction of Sodom and haSulam