Figures government officials lie: AstraZeneca WORLD DAY AGAINST LUNG CANCER. By. Arthur Smith. The World Day Against Lung Cancer specialists warn about the risks of this disease is the leading cause of death. Each year there are eight thousand new cases of lung cancer in Mexico. And for this reason Dr. Oscar Arrieta, Lung Clinic of INCAN, at a press conference, said that from birth we have 50 percent have some evil power of this disease. On the other hand said that this year 2009 a total of 1.8 million cancer worldwide. There the doctor said, Arrieta in Mexico 108 thousand 664 cases and 612 deaths are 38 thousand by this terrible evil, which is lung cancer. A pharmaceutical company known reports a treatment works in the epidermal growth factor in the cancer cell, achieving better quality of life. Lung cancer is the tumor that causes more deaths among Mexicans. Figures from the National Registry of Neoplasms show that each year presents some eight thousand new cases, of whom 80 percent die before reaching the conclusion of a year.However, this figure is far short of reality, as only between the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) and the National Cancer Institute (IINCAN) annually serve about a thousand cases, so that there is underreporting nationally. On the World Day to Combat Lung Cancer held the 17th (today) in November, the specialist, Dr. Oscar Arrieta, warning about the disease that each year kills more patients than those caused by breast cancer , prostate, pancreatic, leukemia and colon cancer combined. Among the factors for developing lung cancer is smoking as one of the most frequent, but not alone, as other substances such as asbestos and exposure to wood smoke increases the risk of developing it.The specialist said that there are two classifications for cancer of the lung, small cell which represents 20 percent of cases and non-small cell which is the most common and accounts for 80 percent of patients with this malignancy. The latter is generated in the epithelial cells. Cinergy Health Among the main symptoms which can warn of a possible tumor in the lung are acute respiratory crises over long periods and do not yield to conventional treatments, weight loss, shortness of breath and coughing up blood presence in the advanced stages . Currently, the way to treat this cancer is integral, ie, multidisciplinary, which includes pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Moreover there to treat lung cancer non-small cell stand-called molecular target in international studies has demonstrated a high effectiveness in patients with epidermal growth factor.Lung cancer is the number seven in frequency in our country, but is the leading cause of cancer death. In Mexico, only 5 percent of cases of lung tumors are detected in early stages, while in the United States is 16 percent.