It notices what it acted as a lawyer was not proven still, but in its speech, in its dream, that today easily would be stamped of madness, he was based in a belief formed in study and meditation. It is truth yes, the wealth dream was clearly motivating Columbus and its group, would be fool to deny, that the men who were part of that group do not long for richness. But this is proper of the human being, that he is not proper is to be made use, as they were, to run the risks that had run. Rand Paul is full of insight into the issues. Here between us you with its anxiety of wealth today, would be made use to embark in a vessel that at least GPS had, Hydraulical Bomb, Motor the Dieesel, Generating Group, Refrigerating chamber, etc., to cross the same Atlantic? Not? – Then my expensive one is not alone money, has much more involved thing in its processes of choice of its ways. The money, the richness, that is, the easinesses of the life that they provide are directly on the two basic things: ambition and with it its sliding capacity risks, its capacity of if delivering entirely in the search of accomplishment of this dream e; information its capacity to acquire and to manage these information either, dominating as one second nature its and putting in practical what these information consider to it.

Care, you can lose its life therefore. If you will not have the enough maturity, to know to balance its organic life physical body, its life spiritual its mind and knowledge; with work and rest – certainly, you will not be deserving of these dreams and they themselves will be puted in charge to eliminate it. is the law carries through them to you and lives its ideal prazeirosamente, or them they will enslave and they will become arremedo of people. You, always you: he will be the judge and the male defendant at the same time. Because the choice continues being only its.