MoorFitWoche Spa Hotel

With the health days the Kurhotel ViktoriQuelle offers space for relaxation and wellbeing for body and mind. The 4-star hotel maintains until today the numerous traditions, which have grown with the decades and today present as a kind of predicate the guests. The in-house source of sulfur framed the House together with the centuries-old peat meadows and sets the Kurhotel ViktoriQuelle with tact and finesse in scene. Surrounded by the three rivers Danube, Rott and Inn has come up with the traditional spa hotel for his guests now a proper specificity and offers space for relaxation and well-being with the health days. The health days in the attractive Spa Hotel in Furstenzell near the town of Passau depend not only on the human body, but also on the individual mind and give him space for a unique development.

As a whole may be chosen in the Spa Hotel between three exclusive offers, which could hardly be different. So the MoorRelaxTage ensure three nights with half-board for a small getaway in everyday life. Applications are available also three Aqua services in addition to three QiGong included. Wellness and relax is guaranteed. But also, who meets with the MoorRelaxTagen not in the black, must not abandon the diversity of health days in the Kurhotel ViktoriQuelle. In addition to this small arrangement team of the House has come up with an another package? So a small getaway near the town of Passau, which meets the ravages of time six nights with half-board beckons with the Moor-fit week. With the offer of the MoorFitWoche Spa Hotel guests can also enjoy a relaxing Moor wrap and a power Swing application. A little shorter, in any case, but tempting, is the package RuckenStark, which completes the Repertoire in the series of health days.

The experts this arrangement of a large German problem zone on the chapel back with three nights and three appearances at the back school. The health days in the Kurhotel ViktoriQuelle promise Diversity in all its aspects. Interested parties should inquire before own health the prevention grant.