Private health insurance or public health insurance An ongoing issue is the question of “how” health insurance: Is it really better in a private health insurance revoked and who can ever go to the PKV Or outweigh the benefits of statutory health insurance (family, co-insurance, etc.), the obvious disadvantages in terms of scope Well – so arbitrarily can not answer this question. But first things first: Who can go to private health insurance First, the PKV is aimed at freelancers, officials and students. In these categories, the actual income does not matter. In contrast, the story is for employees. Whoever does not carry on any self-employment, must be on line with his income above the ceiling sucked (at 47,250, – lie). In calculating this sum will take into account special allowances such as holiday pay and Christmas bonuses, incidentally, with. How to calculate the contribution In contrast to the statutory health insurance, where the income of theonly criterion for calculating the health insurance contributions constitute the PKV entirely on earnings. Important factors here are the starting age of the policyholder, the health of (former course of the disease) and the desired level of service. How different is the scope This – and that is the particular nature of private health insurance – is critical depending on the individual insurance contract. In contrast to SHI, where the scope of services is prescribed by law, may, in the PKV tie each insured his individual performance package itself. Private health insurance offer benefits such as free choice of doctors (including medical practitioners), cover it in almost all areas, free choice of hospital and comprehensive protection in the dental field. How “safe” is a private health insurance In contrast to the statutory health insurance company that operates similar to the statutory scheme under the so-called pay-as-formed private health insurers on the funding principleReserves. The reason for this is that there is provision in retirement in the PKV a contribution in respect of the policyholder. What advantages does the statutory health insurance The significant advantage is that statutory sickness funds are obliged to include salaried employees, while private health insurance also may reject applicants simply. The co-insurance of family members in this context is not forgotten. All in all, offer private health insurance in the number of cases is often a much better services for lower premiums. In addition, many private health insurers now offer a refund of several monthly contributions to power when falling below certain limits. So if the above-mentioned professions or heard about the earned income limit, should consider a change in the PKV entirely in the eye. The rates of the various private health insurers may be in the Internet age comfortably on his way free insurance comparison. face Oliver Sinz,