Odeon Fitness Health

The Fitness Studio in Duisburg launches new pilot project ‘Diagnostics’ and his team strengthened with a sports professional In August 2012 there are new from the odeon fitness health of Spa, the fitness club at the former odeon cinema in the Dusseldorfer Strasse in Duisburg. Sports specialist Dennis Buschmann reinforced since 1 August the trainer and support team. In the pilot project functional Diagnostics”, developed by physiotherapist Dirk Kerscher, the training plans of members by means of survey and special function tests be optimized individually. Silly season? Not in the odeon fitness health of wellness in Duisburg! Also in the summer, owner Dagmar Tumat spares no effort benefits your fitness club for the members to improve and to exceed their expectations. So that the team can perform its tasks without the added stress, regularly new work and training places will be created. The odeon grows and with it therefore there is the tasks of the team since last Wednesday gain: sport expert Dennis Bushman is 23 years young and has completed his education in a health – and service-oriented fitness club in June of this year. I’ve gained there much experience in collaboration with physiotherapists and would like to remain in the fitness and health industry.

For the near future I planned, orthopedics to training for rehabilitation sports,”Dennis says. “Dagmar Tumat adds: since we offer also rehabilitation sports here in the odeon, we help him like!” Dennis will be used mainly in the training support and forward, the members of fun may also not neglected to even better services to motivate natural. Meet more intense operation, he will take over some tasks in the service sector and in the administration. Still, the pilot project functional diagnostics runs in August”in collaboration with the physiotherapist to Dirk Kerscher, who developed this program. In the odeon, members receive an appointment for this diagnosis.