Pilates Floor

Is performed on the floor on a mat. May include various accessories:
Aro (or “magic). It is a flexible ring about forty centimeters in diameter and two grips that situation faced up to the ankles (inside or outside) or knees or is caught with their hands. It is flexible enough to be deformed, offering to increase the resistance effort. It is the only one of the accessories used in pilates in soil that was originally designed by Pilates, as others have been introduced later.
Banda elastica. Normally grips with your hands while you hold on to his feet and serves to increase resistance in the practice of the exercises.
Ball. It is a great ball of about one meter in diameter. Often used to support the legs while lying on the ground or lie on the direct, face, or face, and exercise the flexibility of the spine.
Bosu. The Bosu, English acronym of both sides up ( “both sides up”) is a hemisphere filled with air and mounted on a rigid plastic surface, as its name suggests, can be used by both sides. Its role, like that of the ball is unstable to provide practice exercises to help develop balance and enhance the use of internal muscles.
Other appliances: table hopping, extension table, drawer, weights (dumbbells) …

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