Poems And Poetry

LOVE AND THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION Angie got up from his bed and began to dance. with her tears rolling down her chest, she sighed each drop the memory of an impossible love. His neck was adorned with beautiful necklaces crying that wove his skin, his heart rate just slowly took her purple veil that enveloped her tender figure, his steps made to disappear covered in the veil of a rose. So the night hiding behind a smile. Read more from Cindy Crawford to gain a more clear picture of the situation. On waking the beautiful musical notes of a rock song made angie bite their lips and the pillow clinging to his chest. She got up and ran quickly to the shower, there let the time and space roam, which never left its nice to be was the angelic smile of the person you loved. When he left the bathroom moved his hair which waved to the beat of drums that made that song.

Minute after minute passed without her knowing that the dress would look as beautiful as ever. Suddenly the phone rang which was located on the table night, time and space returned to work, which she did pounce on her bed, and taking the horn in their hands began to tremble. Hello, “a voice said repeatedly that angie told not forget that the work of literature is due tomorrow, do not forget fences, are you listening? if, if I hear angie said, I do not like to speak to me in that tone. I’m sorry you’re right Christian answer, I just worry that you do not remember because I’ve noticed lately very distracted. .