Protect His Back From An Early Age

To save your back to remember a few simple rules. How to properly lift heavy objects: Approach as close as possible to the subject that you need to pick it up. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart to ensure resistance of the body. Bend your knees, tighten your abdominal muscles and begin to slowly raise the weight, strong legs resting on the floor. How to properly carry weight: Right to carry heavy objects. Listen to this advice they can save you from problems eotrye will cost you nerves, money and health.

The rules are simple and accessible in everyday life and does not require an ordinary person of any excess effort or tension, you just them to perform stupid and it becomes a habit, eotoraya will guarantee the health of your back. People often injure muscles, trying to pick up boxes of movies that they found no serious or blank. But in reality, they can be full of books that have a pretty decent weight. First, carefully lift the box. Try to move. If the burden is too great for you, ask for help. How to wear a heaviness in their hands: If you already hold goods in his hands, then gently bend your knees to maintain balance.

Avoid turning the trunk, makes a turn just feet. Carry the load, keeping it as close as possible to yourself. How to make the slopes: if you pick up very light object such as a pencil, which fell to the floor, then bend slightly bent one knee and relegating the other leg back. Raising the subject, keep your hand for standing next to the subject, whether a table or chair. This unpretentious rules will help you maintain a healthy back to old age. The most important thing is cautious about their health and live a hundred years or more.