Acute Abdominal Pain

One of the causes of greater income in the rooms of emergencia or of the medical consultations is the acute abdominal pain sudden appearance and without apparent cause. The same begins in the central high part of the abdomen (epigastrio) of slight intensity of oppressive type in ocaciones or urente in others, that with the passage of the 4 to 6 hours next the pain migrates towards the right low part (it moats iliac right) in ocaciones begins in is site, but of slight intensida that increases. In this part of the clinical picture he is crucial, the majority of patients and relatives of the same is automedican or gone to the pharmacy where it recommends to him: analgesic, antispasmodic, digestive enzymes or antibiotic, reason why the presentation stops following its evolution so what is, that is to say, is covered it and the symptoms disappear by hours. The recommendation is that before a picture of acute abdominal pain it goes to his doctor of confidence or the nearer medical center for his clinical valuation, physical and of complemantarios examinations to discard Acute Appendicitis that is the most frequent cause of episodes of acute abdominal pain and abdominal operations. The Acute Appendicitis is characterized by: pain to the palpation in the right low part (McBurney+), pain when decompressing abruptly in the same area (Blumberg +), migration of the pain in ocaciones from epigastrio to the right iliac grave, nausea, vomit by a ocacin, lack of appetite (hiporexia), to the examination of blood in an acute abdominal pain is: Leucocytosis (greater to 10,000) with Neutrofilia (greater to 75%), oral temperature major to 37C, pain to the passive movement the right leg (sign of psoas and adductive +) or when walking. Between the complementary examinations also we have the ecosonografa that is of great value to arrive at a diagnosis of the cause of the acute abdominal pain, that in combination with the physical examination and the complemenatarios examinations of the patient we will have to act immediately, or of clinical or surgical treatment. The most fatal complication by reterdar itself in the diagnosis by pain abdominal acute it is a Peritonitis that is the rupture of the appendix with exit of lees and the contamination of the abdominal cavity, complicando the surgery and its hospitable demurrage that in ocaciones puts in risk the life of the patient.

Therefore, before an acute abdominal pain he is better not to automedicar itself and to acuder more soon to its doctor of confidence or the center of health, to avoid ominous consequences and the best thing is to receive tratameinto opportune surgical doctor if it deserves therefore it. Dr. Thin Jorge P.