Chief Medical Officer

Chapter 1. Randomness of life. At twenty-two years, brunette Sergey , in snovbordovskih pants and jacket, the big winter running shoes, T-shirt "Stalker" was sitting in the taxi, where you can escape from the newly coming spring chill to the wind. "And because it was such a desire to go and swim in the pool. Once a year, had a strong desire, which is acquired rapidly to failure. That's all luck of life. "- Self-absorbed thinking Sergei, scroll Morning Events: went to the hospital to take a certificate for going to the pool. Although it was Saturday, and on this day not all work, but people can and negotiate, especially when you know each other for years.

Bad, of course, that Help was not found. And this – Chief Medical Officer, the lieutenant – "I can not give help, there are different tests, I'm here, and should not be in today, so just do not have the right to give." , she argued that because the military, as well bull, and all have long known – do not healthy students do not go to swimming pools. Failed. Then he wanted to negotiate in a pool pass for the overpayment. A year ago, there sat a woman in the hallway, a cloakroom and people have little hodilo. But again bummer – young manageress, which does not agree, more people began to walk, repairs made, all the facts laid against a on this day. The mood has developed no good, – "I want to output the same to buy a lot of strength, with just rest arrived.