Healthy Living – The Key To Longevity And Well-being

Our world is rapidly improving, the quality of life improves and people can afford much more than before. Even 20 years ago cell phone was a luxury in Russia, well, now every student has an advanced pic. Manufacturers have flooded the goods that were previously in short supply, store shelves are crammed with an abundance of imported and domestic products, a huge proportion of the population moved to the expensive imported cars. AND improvements are observed not only in manufacturing. Russian society has become more relaxed. No one is trying to declare a mythical freedom, effectively standing on a tank in front of the main administrative building of the country.

Political clowns of course remained, but the Russians have become more indifferent to their claims and the revolution is definitely not planned. For many Russians the opportunity to do their business, statistics, public drunkenness falls … But not everything is fine and good, as it may seem at first sight. The fact that the health of Russian citizens is deteriorating and it is a fact. An increasing number of deaths from diseases of different etiologies, increases the number of chronically ill people, and it only pleases the owners of private hospitals, whose number increased from the year 2000 more than 3 times. Why do people suffer? Expansion of production in most cases leads to deterioration of the environment in the region where production facilities are concentrated. The increase in vehicles, especially noticeable in large cities also contributes to ecological collapse in some quarters, areas or throughout the city.