Yorkshire Terriers

Therefore, they are easily confused, sekutsya and break off. To maintain such a coat in good condition, it must be either severely shortened, or to fine hair grew, in addition to fuel various oils and masks. For otraschivaniya long hair young show dog has developed a special technology based on the frequent washing and regular replenishment of natural lubrication using oils and balms. This technology has many nuances for each breed and should be applied strictly according to individual characteristics of each dog. Yorkshire Terriers for the optimal frequency of cleaning – once every 10 days. Read more here: Senator From Kentucky. For Shih Tzu, Maltese, and other decorative long-haired dogs – every 2 weeks or less if the dog briefly swifts. Now about the cleaning. Before washing your dog combed and desirable as possible to disassemble mats (if any).

If there is a need, various nutrients or restorative hair mask made before washing on pre-soaked coat. The most convenient way to wash your dog in a bathtub. At the bottom of the tub is desirable to put rubber mat that prevents sliding dog clutches. Small dogs can be washed in a basin, or just in the sink. Before soaping hair dogs must have a good soak with clean water. Water for washing should be warm, but not hot. For washing of dogs used special cosmetics for dogs – shampoos may be aware of: nutritional, allergenic, increases the volume of wool, bleaching, and also designed for dogs of different colors (see previous article). Shampoo for each dog must be individualized.