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Over time, can wreak havoc on a relationship, so there is no let our partner succumbs to the sands of time. Read more here: Cindy Crawford. The routine and the habituation are factors that can lead to a break-up, that is why we will give some strategies to win back your ex. To begin, it is normal that sparkle and a little passion are lost, but while there is love, everything can be recovered, the only thing you have to do is a little more work to get everything thing that kept them together, which amused them, i.e. to find a little corner of memories. Don’t let monotony and boredom to win the battle, because these days, the hustle and the complications of life and together with these stress can become a time bomb and destroy your relationship. To avoid this, fosters the factor surprise, surprise your girl with anything that pleases her, like flowers, chocolates, a garment, a puntilla or simply a romantic dinner, remember that you must not spend what you do not have to surprise her.

The surprises are wonderful and you don’t have to cost you a fortune. It prevents discussions, coexistence is not easy, but in her understanding and communication are extremely important. Always be frank and critical, but finds the least hurtful way to express what bothers you. Tries to recover those moments in which both spend well and enjoy, remember that the important thing is to spend more time together. Flatter it, that will let you know that you pay attention, tell him compliments helps. These are more or less some of the strategies to win back your ex, now you do it. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.