How To Change A Negative State By A Positive Emotional State

How to change a negative state by a positive emotional state What is most important to you in life? Considers the most important thing in life is feeling good … to be happy. Si tu te mentalis with this truth this easily by opening your life to a wonderful new world of possibilities. Sometimes you may have found that negative emotional states, which could not find the way out and into positive emotional states. What's more, many people have been permanently stuck in a negative state to think that it is normal and do not you think that there may be a life full of positive emotional states. The truth is that the natural state of man (and all of nature) is the emotional state of happiness and when a person is suffering is because it has lost sight of this natural state … so that the suffering is unnecessary …

we designed for happiness. So looking your best emotion … your best emotions. Enjoy your life in abundance. BASIC STRATEGY: Here I explain a basic strategy that you will move from a negative to a positive state and stay in it.

Basically there are two emotional states: you feel good or feel bad. (Pleasant or unpleasant, positive or negative or whatever you want to call it). Positive: love, faith, hope, joy, trust, etc. Negatives: depression, anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, etc. When you feel a negative (you feel bad), is that they focused on something you do not want. (Debt, crisis, failure, infidelity, they ignore you, things that make you feel bad, etc..) When you feel one positive is that they focused on something if you want.