GFE Media Locally In North Rhine-Westphalia

Web Agency opened with Thomas Weber at the top new Office in North Rhine-Westphalia a Web Agency doesn’t actually spot be to deliver good work, because for them online communication is part of the core business. Still, some things can be better clarify in direct contact. As North Rhine-Westphalia shines as strong shoulder with world leader and healthy medium-sized companies in Germany, GFE media decided to build a tower in the form of a new sales office in 2013. GFE media exists as an agency for over 33 years, specializes in the areas of online communication, online marketing and E-Commerce specialized and acts in this business already long not more regional limited, but all over the world. With the now newly opened sales office in North Rhine-Westphalia, GFE media ensures short distances in this so important for Germany and European economic region with centres such as Cologne, Essen, Dortmund, Dusseldorf or Bielefeld.

GFE the Magento Agency In the area of E-Commerce continues the Agency mainly on the webshop system Magento since it in terms of flexibility, scalability, performance and price/performance ratio convinced. The very fact that all individual adjustments in modules are outsourced, which does not affect the actual core of Magento, allows easy updates while maintaining all individual settings and adjustments. Design are possible with flexible templates, search-engine-friendly structures mean promising numbers of users and with the easy operability of the backend of Magento, E-commerce is actually really fun. CMS-based portals and widescreen design technical background are trademarks of GFE media than most Internet sites by GFE media with content management systems implemented mainly with Typo3 or Joomla. Large Web portal or smaller website, all carry the design style of the Internet Agency GFE media.

Emotional image worlds with surprising twists and exciting clips fit into a harmonious overall concept. This the design style not only provides a visual feast for the eyes, but is subject to whatever the functionality, conceptually thought through. User guidance with clear call-to-action”not only a positive right user, but communicative leads them to the content that they want. Thomas Weber of certified online marketing manager with Thomas Weber at the top is now launching a new era in the history of the GFE. For the Suddeutsche Web Agency, this was a real stroke of luck, meets with Thomas Weber but rheinischer on comprehensive competence in online humor and years of experience. As one of the few certified online marketing & E-Commerce Manager comprehensively dominated Thomas Weber the efficient combination of all facets of the sales-oriented online communication. It is the guarantee of optimal advice for companies of all sizes, with holistic overview, the language of the Rhineland and solid Swabian inventor spirit and thoroughness of the Internet Agency GFE in the background. Contact: Thomas Weber E-Mail: Thomas.Weber(at) phone: 02262 729 0 327 mobile: 0151 405 48 984