Edgar Morin

Still searching practical proposals for the educative, diverse exits can be explored by the professor, this go since its verbal exposition, domain of content, thematic quarrels, audiovisuais resources, among others that they facilitate to education learning of the pupil. Such practical allow that the pupil can have more space to formulate principles using themselves of its proper words, the same ones they start to reflect and they become ahead critical of the boarded theories. Leaving of the transdiciplinaridade that Freire in such a way defends, it is perfectly acceptable that has application and conciliation of the contents that can talk between itself to construct and to consolidate the knowledge to be explored and to be discovered by the learning, of this form the result will be so satisfactory that it not yet reaches many goals waited by the professor, have seen that the same as mediating it goes to inside interact of the pedagogical space in a world still to be discovered in set with its auxiliadores, becoming the praiseworthy experience for both the parts. The contribution of Morin inside of the educational process is completely essential, therefore without understanding the challenges and complexes that surround the man as individual inside of the society, would be impossible assists it in this search to the unfinished one, and inserts in its estimated the construction of a complementation culture, therefore it is beyond being humanizante ahead admits constant scientific curiosity of the process of knowledge what it is indispensable in the pertaining to school context. Consideraes Inconclusas. In accordance with what we analyze throughout the trajectory of this article, practical the educational ones of the professor of superior education, also insert the theoretical conceptions of the authors Pablo Freire and Edgar Morin, therefore aims at the following one begins: To prioritize the detention of the knowledge, basing the research, in a holistic and humanizadora line of the problem to be worked in the university context.