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Doctor Cum immoral conduct unlicensed She sat in the dental chair, mouth open, when the dentist said, “And now, Swallow this.” Then put a syringe into the mouth and dropped a white viscous liquid. Lisa Carpenter, a nortemericana 33, it seemed that the ingested substance was semen and as he left the clinic, went to tell her husband, who took the absurd idea of the head, according to his version. John Hall, Dr. Semen Apparently, it was semen.The semen of Dr. John Hall who, by all indications, is obsessed with the idea of women swallowing his sperm. Because of this fixation College of Dentists has revoked his license in August, alleging immoral conduct and sexual harassment of patients. Police began investigating the case in November 2003, following complaints from two employees of his clinic in Cornelius (NC). The workers were strange that Hall forced patients to ingest the contents of a syringe which he kept in his desk drawer. The two women surrendered to police five syringes from the dentist. The agents later in a raid conducted in the office, they confiscated five more which also contained white fluid. The fluid proved to be the semen of Dr. Hall and a nearly empty syringe containing his semen and saliva from Lisa Carpenter, the patient with more developed sense of taste. Six patients, including a girl aged 14, accuse him of having made swallowing semen. The oldest, a woman of 40 years, recognized by smell, but the doctor told him he was crazy and her mouth was numb as he dismissed the idea. Furthermore, another patient accuses him of pounce on her while she was lying in the dental chair, and move sexually. Dr. Cinergy Health Hall’s lawyer, meanwhile, argues that the dentist kept his semen in syringes because you are taking a drug against hair loss, which has side effects on sperm quality. The truth is that this argument no one can swallow it.