The movie Palito Ortega

In 1977, the producers Carlos Montero (Channel 13) and Enrique Garcia Fuertes announced the El Zorro and his son, a film that protagonizarian Williams and Lupiz. At this time, the producer Carlos Patino began negotiations to hire the fox to the circus of Real Madrid siblings safe, a spectacle in which figures are used to seeing celebrities. Real Madrid was the biggest success in Mar del Plata during 1977 and 1978. From December 1977 to March 1978, 250 000 people applauded the Fox in person.
The fever is not just Fox. Williams made many Argentine friends, and was delighted with the country. The draft of the movie became an obsession for Guy. Began as a side project, but Williams soon realized that would be the resurrection of his career. He began working on the script and scenes. His intention was to use natural real Argentina. The provisional title of the story was Zorro. The project was very ambitious, estimated at two million dollars, too expensive for the weak economies of Argentina, but he insisted that he would be simultaneously in 65 countries.
The only people who could finance the film was Palito Ortega (who had amassed a small fortune making movies during the military dictatorship). To avoid problems with U.S. producers, the movie would be called King. Ortega made many changes to the script and filming sites that Williams had chosen. Ortega also directed that the role of Bernardo do Carlitos Bala. It had also decided that the role of captain of the brilliant actor would Monastery Argentine Alfredo Alcon (not your partner Lupiz). Guy was too much for this. Not because I did not like Bala and Alcon, but because your work disappeared for three years under the director’s wishes. The script can be seen in the Museo del Cine de Buenos Aires.
Without the film, Fox had nothing to do in Buenos Aires and came to California in the mid-eighties.