There Flowmeters consumerism

There Flowmeters consumerism often occurs when one or more of the following cases: A household level. A product is used only once or a small number of times for one like it could last much longer. Examples: non-returnable packaging instead of refillable, disposable razors rather than an interchangeable blade, plastic bags, grocery bags instead of resistant and disposable cameras instead of a conventional one. The amount of inorganic garbage we generate is significantly higher than the amount of organic waste. This indicator is very important for self-reflection of our habits of consumption. We must generate an internal change. Another characteristic of people today is consumerism, when money dominates these, the city becomes a big market and its inhabitant being a producer and a consumer / a.The economic person has two faces, a businesswoman and a consumer, the employer is concerned for the prosperity of your business, trends in business people are having more and be larger than the others. Quickly to carry out their own economic plans is as important as its massive nature. It attracts new. You lust for power. Nearly all entrepreneurs are working to the limit of human possibility, which is harmful. The same economic values is to be exchanged and consumed, as of spiritual values to be expressed and communicated. A light person is not interested while the heroes and saints as in other cultures, their models are those who have succeeded financially, people full of things, but outside metaphysics in general material welfare increases as the spiritual development reduced. This peculiarity of modern people is tied to this that we can call it a homo economicus. This economic person we have spoken has two faces: entrepreneur / consumer.Modern civilization does not know what the meaning is one who is ignorant. It’s that or one that integrates a consumer society. Economic values are exchanged and used. The consumer does not differentiate people. Both economic and spiritual. Material wealth played an important role in human societies, but never established itself as an object of admiration today.