Tourism and Recreation Resources

Recreation and Tourism Resources Yacamb visiting visitors National adventure travel Park of 14,850 hectares, in tropical rain forest area, head of major water sources like the river travel guide Acarigua. Natural Wellness river. Paved access destination road travel to El Whitey. Sanare Mountainous village in which the activities are upstairs vegetables and coffee. Temperate climate.There are families of modest inns prices in the tourist town of Barrio El Cerrito. visitor The Higuerones Forest, waterfall and natural spa area cool climate, since road access via a dirt road in the hills of Cubiro. Archaeological Museum Quibor Collection of pre-Columbian pieces from recent find in the so-called Indian cemetery. sightseeing Dyers Small town of farmers and artisans, situated within easy reach of the motorway Qu bor Barquisimeto. Artisanal production from sheep’s wool is of excellent sights quality and craft belleza.La CostaCentro of collective work in clay and colorful variety of artisans and house overlooking Quibor depression. Las Lomas de Cubiro Viewpoint upon part Quibor Valley, which offers brochures a marvelous view and a diversified landscape that includes part of the route of the Rio Turbio, the area of La Escalera and the bureau mountainous Zancudo and The Wild. places to visit Area turist cool sightseeing attractions climate and vegetation tourist attractions of grasses. Carora, Municipio Torres Second city of the state and support center for livestock production.It has a colorful and well tourist board restored traveling colonial area of eight (8) acres, which houses the civic and cultural attraction center of the city. Soap Village attractions of architectural structure and traditional cool, dry climate. Curarigua Village of traditional architectural structure, well preserved, fresh and tourist information dry climate.