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ARGENTINA CHAMBER OF FM radio – CARFREM – National Legal Personality: Resolution N 33/05 Issued by the General Inspectorate of Justice of the Nation.
Our institution is recognized by the federal I. G. A big part of business today is twitter, one that understands that is spent time as a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co., which he joined in 1992 J. CARFREM, is composed of broadcasters licensed by the Federal Broadcasting Committee ‘COMFER. The Board is composed of owners of radio stations licensed by the COMFER. In order to give wider support to the national broadcasting can also integrate the register of members, all owners of stations with Provisional Authorization strategy and Precarious’ PPP – and the stations that made their innovation presentation to request a license through direct award in Standardization (1366) COMFER/2006. CARFREM, has several branches in the interior of the country, in order management to give more direct service broadcaster partner.
DEFENDER ON FM When the broadcaster in 2004, we met a large group of training licensees and permittees in Frequency Modulation stations to unify criteria and aspirations, we did not do politics in a spirit of partisan, sectarian or pretend to stand as legislators unopposed. Our utopia was to create an organization to accommodate the small station land lost in the depths of our country and also the integrity of the medium and large urban station. An organization that team building supports the management training authorities of control and at the same time stand in front of them to discuss, plan and propose solutions to problems that have dozens of stations on FM. Starting to overcome that utopia getting our legal status in the General Inspectorate of Justice, then threw himself into the business unionism, in defense of our partners. Agreements with the organizations collecting the intellectual property counseling to sign contracts with generating content, Credicoop agreement with the Cooperative Bank Limited, the next concretion of the Welfare for the leaders broadcaster and his family and an active participation in union with other provincial organizations that they had our same ideas, enables us to be recognized as the major organization representing Argentina in Frequency Modulation stations licensed or insecure permissions. In those early months, before the COMFER denounced the inaction of the organism to the proliferation of illegal stations and make proposals that were treated and, in many cases, accepted by its officials. He also proposed the need for more spectrum comptroller, opining that a state fails to destroy information the formation of the citizen before the reality of a silent war that is taking on the world to unify opinions’ and thus conduct – of millions of human beings, through messages where the coaching idea of ‘anything goes’ or ‘Que time management Mas Da’ culture becomes a passively accepted by those who have the privilege and the responsibility of driving a station. Lack of education, training, to understand and grasp the business technology flood entrepreneur of information that daily receives the common citizen, it has become a superficial man, indifferent and permissive, without borders, which nests a great moral vacuum. The unscrupulous violence that we have to report daily on the war for resources where they are skills bombarded cities and invade countries, makes us who we are alert to opinion formers customer service and the time we have a license to operate the radio resources, declared by the UN: either non-renewable humanity. We therefore support the control radio because ‘control’ rights not to destroy or business and carrying out the search is always unfinished and permanent guardianship of the people in the context that they themselves produce, by our will on conservative or disturbing. ‘Control’ is expected communications behaviors that threaten our small, medium or large business communications. ‘Control’, also means the preservation of rights that we should help the continued existence, because the work of the communication and justice is not a binomial is a polynomial that involves the values we seek to end rescue a managers postmodern society only means of indifference to the crisis of human beings. Several associations have joined within our principles and walk with us the same way outlined above. A road that we travel with respect, solidarity, cooperatives, social responsibility, confidence, patience, affection and tenderness. Everything achieved is available to those who want to join us in this utopia, and also what we accomplish together in the long road we have to go even for the benefit of thousands of radio broadcasters on FM.
Among the principles and proposed objectives include: 1) Arguing for the COMFER maintain equal opportunities for all would-be broadcasters, seeking transparency in the administration to fulfill the same rules, the same requirements and the same requirements as the who conducted the processed between 1999 and 2003.