When It Comes To Hundredths

How do we keep it with the accuracy We are often not content ourselves with estimates or rely on values that others have identified to us Who comes to the idea nachzumessen the distance from Hamburg to Berlin The speedometer shows the number of kilometers traveled. Accurate meter data not interested. You do not even calls the tax, if we start the trip as a mission. Only if our data differ from the figures that are look in atlases or calendars, we have to demonstrate why such a detour, we have gone and how long it actually was. How would you describe someone who tells you that he at home until his job 19 kilometers, musss travel 35 meters and 8 centimeters As a spinner, as a pedant. We would show him a bird. But there are situations in which estimates are insufficient or inaccurate readings. No one goes out to buy a curtain and says: “Our window is about two meters high.” Even a closet does not buy it without checking with a tape measureor to have established yardstick is how much space is available. Sometimes, however, absolute accuracy is required. Thus, in industry, science and research or model building. Because it’s not about feet and inches. Not even a millimeter. When it comes to precision and accuracy in the determination of length, are used micrometers. They are an indispensable tool in measuring and testing technology. With the precision of one hundredth of a millimeter can be done with them exact measurements.