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United States has traditionally been considered a democratic country, human rights defender in which freedom and laws have always been his prime concern. This always involved in conflicts to restore order and enforce all rights and claims to be a country fair. This is very contradictory to the policy it has adopted. “But the main concern should focus especially on the acceptance of methods which are the antithesis of democracy and betray the identity of America as a country respectful of law. Apparently, to al-Qaeda, the end justifies the means, means which have included crashing hijacked planes into buildings and plant bombs in train stations and places of worship. U.S. should not adopt this logic. ” (Human Rights Watch report) America has always been a country of human rights defender. Traditionally this has intervened in situations where human rights are violated, and has spoken out against this. The Afghan people want to work with the Americans to develop their economy wrote. who is president of The Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership Therefore it does not sound very coherent this will be accused of human rights violations, and be supported despite this. “However, the use of enforced disappearances and secret incommunicado detention violates the most fundamental principles of a free society. When Argentina torture and ‘disappeared’ on suspected dissidents in the name of fighting against those he described as ‘terrorists’, I act badly. When the U.S. torture and ‘disappearing’ terrorist suspects, even those suspected of plotting the most terrible attacks, also is doing wrong. The fact that fighting terrorism that the U.S. has different characteristics do not change the illegal nature of the methods used to combat it. ” (Human Rights Watch) This imaginary state which has apparently united despite its continuous abuse of power has not been blurred in the minds of many. This has been built from the inside out, ie from the same Americans to be broadcasted globally. Along with his thoughts of well being, tranquility typical American ideals have been fed by the same government for years. As it says Herbert I. Schiller, in his article the manufacture of a mindless consensus in America to the hegemony of the business. ”One of the ways to bring order in the ranks is to secure control of the definitions, to police the ideas, which means, for the leaders, be able to formulate and disseminate the vision of reality ‘local and global’ that serves their interests. To do that, the whole educational device is placed at its service, while the media, the entertainment industry and political mechanisms. It is the infrastructure that produces mediatica thus the meaning and consciousness (or unconsciousness). ” (Herbert, Infoam rica) That showed those living in the U.S. are loyal to the government in general terms. The media, government and other institutions are responsible for making the population does not see other options other than the government. It is clear that no one can say that this applies to the whole population but to a great extent. It could say that any person residing in the United States has a favorable opinion about the war in Iraq but many of these as they back the president and think that this makes it necessary to prevent events like the attacks on the Twin Towers is right. In the case of terrorist attacks the U.S. has created an image in the imagination of its residents, in which the United States simply is innocent and is being attacked without reason by the terrorists who are ill.