Definition Selenographic

Josyann Abisaab Definition XX Selenographic Latitude gives the position of a point north or south of the lunar Ecuador. The definition of lunar north and subscriptions south was made so that the lunar rotation axis is aligned with the Earth. Thus an observer on the Earth’s northern hemisphere will see the lunar order north “up”, and one located payment in the southern hemisphere will see “down”. magazine subscriptions The length Selenographic position gives the magazine position in this axis lunar-west over the prime meridian (lunar equivalent of Greenwich Mean Time). The prime meridian theory mark the length of the lunar surface region aimed directly at Earth (the center of the face visible). However, due to the libration movement, the position of this point varies during the lunar cycle. Because of this, you have defined a key location in the satellite crater ‘M sting A’.Their coordinates, however, are not double zero, but: Originally the definition of eastern and western moles was such that aligned with the east and west of an observer on Earth, according to the astronomical convention call. Then in 1961, the International Astronomical Union defined the positions of the eastern and western moles that were similar to those for a terrestrial observer on the lunar surface (ie, look ahead to the north, east moon had to your right). By adopting this convention called the astronaut, east and west moles switched positions. That’s address why the Mare Orientale (Eastern Sea) is located on the western edge of the visible face of the moon.