1) Netiquette is a word derived from the French etiquette (good education) and English net (network) or network, is the set of rules that govern user school rankings behavior on a newsgroup, a mailing list, discussion forum or using e-mail. By extension is also used to refer management school to all general rules of behavior business administration on the Internet. business school 2). The email has become a tool of communication, which allowed us to simplify many formalities, by eliminating barriers and space. In this way, has succeeded in many cases displace, traditional mail. However, we must realize that the rules of protocol previously used in the letters have been replaced by a more school of management informal style, in graduate school some cases may give a negative image of the sender. the head of the today is the head of the today is So we must pay attention to who we are heading, because it is not the same write an email in the professional field, that of staff. Among the things we must take care that, by having a signature that is added at the end of our messages, at least those with professional character, business schools and that includes our name and contact details. Should also take care of the matter is illuminating and give some idea of the full content of the message, so that the receiver not send it directly to the trash. With respect to drafting, it should be business limited to a few basic rules, very similar to those we used in a normal mail: school of business an initial greeting, a farewell content and, more or less distance learning formal. The language should follow the rules of grammar checking the proper spelling, so you should check it before sending. Further suggests strive to answer emails received, except those with a more general and require no response. With these basic rules, sure we get much more management courses benefit in the use of email as a communication tool. 3). Siaminfobiz business degree – e-business – Translate this page ””””””””””, 1194.