European Business School

there is a lot to be said for the new Hedge fund managers like Supports The Heather on Earth Foundation providing music therapy to pediatric patients European Business School (EEN), founded in the hands of D. business schools Jesus Lopez Davalillo in 1986 is a leading business school, oriented to the training of postgraduates and executives in Europe and Latin America which is set in central Madrid (Spain) where management school it has five other teaching venues, Murcia, Oviedo, Salamanca and Valladolid, in addition of being established in business school Argentina, Bolivia (4 seats), school rankings Ecuador and Peru.
European Business School is characterized by providing an eminently practical training and with a strong international character and innovative, working closely in the preparation of master programs with educational institutions and business, keeping always in mind to maintain a high level of updating and innovation.
It was one business administration of the first institutions to incorporate areas of expertise in aspects of personal development into their programs also adds a series of workshops to develop the effectiveness and professionalism of the management courses students.
Master Program Business Administration (MBA) develops from the perspective of integration of the manager or entrepreneur in the role of business in graduate school addition to broadly pragmatic. It is taught in graduate and executive versions.
The Master program in International Business European Business School (MNI) has a clear objective: To train professionals who will contribute to the success of companies and projects with international projection and development of business organizations worldwide since the top management of Companies.
Master Program in Human Resource Management European Business School (MDRH) trained in the methods and techniques for planning, management, control and development of human resources in its various dimensions viewed from the perspective of the overall performance of organizations . It is taught in graduate and executive versions.
The Master of Management program (Integrated Environment, Quality and Prevention) (MGI), enables participants in the implementation of school of business Integrated business degree Management Systems (Environment, Quality and Prevention) to provide the students with specific knowledge related to these areas. It is taught in graduate and executive versions.
Master Program in Marketing school of management and Sales (MMK) is developed from the perspective of comprehensive and integrated knowledge of the company in its management areas to focus on business tools and techniques of marketing, business management and sales. It is taught in graduate and executive distance learning versions.
Former students of European Business schools are grouped into their own association: Alumni EEN