In contempt of the ambition is one of the essential principles of happiness on Earth. Voltaire not is poor who has little, but the one that having much want still more. Epicurus. Ambition certainly involves ethics, values, morals, all those actions that put into practice in order to obtain something, conquer goals, achieve success, do not affect third parties, causing damage. Hence, no wonder point, ambition unbridled ambition as behavior and lifestyle, is not only one of the most serious impediments of human happiness, that can get to impoverish and destroy the heart of man and its most noble sentiments. We all have the right to achieve success, achieving results that justify our efforts, performance, more if we succeed with dedication, with respect, without affecting anyone, manipulate avail ourselves of the power to make a reality of our ambition. Therefore, no us surprise, comment, that the problem of ambition is not in the laudable desire to prosper, or concern healthy for aspiring to a better standard of living, within reasonable limits, but to convert the very existence in struggle, violence and feverish activity by the wealth, personal concealment, praises the admirations. on the subject says, there is a path that leads to happiness, since us is only allowed to discover it, cultivate it and enjoy it while we do the road. The ambition that the human heart impoverishes and destroys the noblest sentiments is generated by selfishness, vanity and the crazy desire to imitate others and overtake them in luxury and ostentation. But what is serious is that who gets drunk by unbridled ambition will end by sacrificing her own family, their home their friends, their health and their well-being: and is that ambition undermines, sooner or later, the high aspirations and stifles as noble, delicate, sensitive and beautiful there in his character. Emphasis is noted, that it is almost always due to lack of high ambitions, noble aspirations, as enthusiasm, effort and perseverance, willingness and a reason that gives meaning to! to existence, therefore failing live blinded by the stunted ambition to hoard riches and honors those who forget.