The Suitcase

Open that big suitcase stored in secret, for so long in a corner of your attic, in that camouflaged site that only you know, and starts to get into it all those unhealthy things that accompany you every day and every time you are more and more heavy, these inseparable darts that continues and wearily can dig into your body and will not let you livethose invisible barriers that how sticky limpets prevent you from advancing as if a giant hand you grab with a huge force, to prevent any movement. Do not hesitate, now is the time to use this forgotten suitcase, and get all those things that you are bitter life into it. Is time already, that you away definitively from your existence that ballast that keeps you continually cornered, that you pressed, that like a sponge absorbs oxygen from your living space and which will eventually asphyxiate you if not eliminate it drastically. Now that you have finally decided to open this suitcase, which until now was a white elephant, leverages and definitely out of closet that collection of disasters that you’ve been accumulating throughout your existence, banishing and conscientiously. Also, you know full well that only are your exclusive property, nobody is to blame, that with care you’ve done them yours every year, thanks among other things to your stupidity and lack of success, there is no doubt, you’ve won merits more than sufficient for this. Your mistakes, your disappointments, your failures, anyway, all that that weakens you and that you have to go slowly with the experience of life avoiding, so save you the wisdom of which with the passage of time, has been learning from their mistakes.

You may never get to be wise, or perhaps get it when it’s late and you little time you have left, but at least that the years will serve as minimum to stay away from that persistent ignorance that many dragged from the day that are born, and there it remains unruffled, when they give their last breath. And when you get the suitcase, cierrala well filled quickly, put a padlock and pulling the wrench, to a site where you can never return to recover it, you do not have the temptation to masochistic, of trying to desecrate the grave that you’ve buried forever your negativity, that pain, which is in the form of pellets has left you the soul like a sieve. Don’t make the mistake of returning to find the way to open it and continue injuring you yourself with all that saved, and who have away as healing in the form of spiritual therapy remedy. And of course, neither stay with the suitcase, that many times, although the key has been pulled, always human beings, with obvious awkwardness and lack of intelligence, have a tendency to return to stumble again with the same stone, over and over again and we ingeniamos them cunningly for auto flogging us, and at the end we seek mode again reopen the suitcaseso, best to get rid of this horrible lump, forever, you have to destroy it, burn it, throw it to the deeper well you find or put it on a train that goes to the end of the world in a single trip of trip, but in one way or another get away forever from this evil thing, if you do not want your content again to appear before thee, in the form of ghostly presence that along with you forever.