And I think

jason And I think this is all very well, not only because they are pioneers in the matter but also because the application is technically very well done. But as a friend of mine, so they are not all, are stories. So it is better to look at the numbers that have registered the invention in its first seven days of operation: 6,000 users, ranking number 1 in the application of the Apple store in Spain and 23 in USA, 600,000 ad impressions delivered and a CTR of 10 (normal is 0.5 which shows that Real Madrid fans consume what Real Madrid offers something very beneficial for advertisers who wish to contribute to implementation), growing numbers … No doubt , a hit-makers over the marketing department of the whole mobile Castellana (as it was once the draw for the cars of the players, also commented on this blog).Let’s see how long it takes to copy other clubs in the toy.