Personal Background Son

Personal Background Son of Julian Slim Haddad, who arrived in Mexico in 1902 with 14 years, landed at Vera Cruz, whence he went to Tampico, Tamaulipas, where their roots and four of his older brothers.Julian Slim went on to have a nearby National Palace called “Eastern Star”, a family store named after their roots in the Middle East. Shortly achieved commercial success, reaching adem s have more than 20 properties around, becoming a prominent entrepreneur and prominent. His mother, Linda Helu Atta, born in Parral, Chihuahua, the daughter of Jose Helu and Wadiha Atta, Lebanese immigrants in the late nineteenth century came to Mexico and then travel to different cities of the Republic, decided to settle in the capital . Jose Helu Mexico brought the first printing press in Arabic and founded one of the first magazines for the colony Lebanese community in this country. Carlos Slim Helu is a professional Civil Engineer, graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM. Since he began to invest in buying businesses, which did succeed, as well as buying and selling real estate in downtown Mexico City. In the early ’80s amid a crisis that crippled Mexico and historical capital flight, Carlos Slim and his band were the only ones who make heavy investments in the country, acquiring several companies at a great price. Carlos Slim has said repeatedly that this stage of the country was reminded about what happened his father, Julian Slim, when in 1914 and in full Mexican Revolution buys his older brother, 50 of the business they had in common called “The Eastern Star, “thinking like this in Mexico and at its destination. “If my dad, in full revolution, the country shaken, not yet having a family, being a foreigner and not the roots that gives you the time, relied on Mexico and its future, as I was not going to do,” said Carlos Slim in some of his interviews. Activity of Carlos Slim has been diversifying in different sectors in 1997 acquired the shares of the computer company Apple Computer, just before the release of iMac multiply making his fortune. In 1997, Prodigy became a U.S. Internet provider, Carlos Slim was able to make this company a powerful server from various Internet services to achieve a partnership with MSN123 launching a Spanish portal with Microsoft’s hand. This soon became a leading portal in Mexico. By the time Mr. Carlos Slim ranked third in Forbes as one of the three richest men in the world. Fortuna According to the 2007 list of billionaires, Carlos Slim builds the largest fortune in the world.However, in June, the magazine placed him as the second richest man in the world and other sources outside Forbes (specifically, the analyst Eduardo Garcia) puts him as number one in the list of the biggest billionaires. Although the same article, Forbes magazine says that “Slim’s fortune is in dispute, since it has amassed in a country where per capita income is 6,800 per year plus half the population lives in poverty.