Animal spirits

In North and Central America, and to some extent in West Africa, Australia and other judaica parts of the world, every person acquires at puberty a tutelary spirit religious (See: Demonology) in some Native American tribes the youth judaism kills quickly, the animal with that sound in its initiation, its claw (one), skin or feathers are put into a small bag and made his “medicine” and should be carefully preserved, once lost can never be replaced. In West Africa this relation, as they say, is signed (provided) through the obligation of blood, and is so close that the death of sefirot the animal causes the man dies, and vice versa. Elsewhere in the possession of a tutelary spirit in animal form is the privilege of the magician. In Alaska the candidate for magical powers has to leave the houses of men, the chief of the gods sends an otter to meet him, saying that the killing “or” four times, then cut out muslim his tongue, and thus ensures that the search powers.
The Malays believe kabbalistic that the job of the “pawang” (priest) is inherited only if the soul tree of life of the dead priest, in the form of a tiger, passes into the body of his son. While the family is often considered as the alternative form of the magician, the nagual or bush soul is commonly regarded as completely spiritual different human beings. Beliefs of transition, however, are mostly in Africa, where processing power is attributed to the population qabalah in certain areas. The god people of Banana, Congo, says synagogue that they are changed by the magic, composed of human embryos and other ingredients, but israeli in zohar their leopard form they may not do any harm to mankind hebrew under pain of retaining forever the way bestial.
A link is provided by the belief that the magician zulu family is really a human being processed, when found dead on which one can work his sorcery without fear of being discovered, the wizard breathes a sort of life, chabad that you can islamic move and speak, we think that some dead wizard has taken possession of it. then burn a hole in the head through the opening and remove the language. The remote Hechizo has the effect of changing the body revived again in the form of any animal, the hyena, the owl or wild cat, the last being the favorite. This creature then becomes the servant of jews the magician and reflects all the things this remote, its main job, however, to inflict sickness and death on people, his master merkavah (teacher) has aversion.
In Melanesia, there is a belief in “tamaniu or Atai,” which is the counterpart of an animal torah person. Madonna is good friends with Is a great teacher This may be an eel, a shark, a lizard or another creature. This creature is corporeal, can understand human speech, and shared the same soul that his master (teacher), leading to the legends and stories that have many characteristics typical exchange of bodies, including any injury or death affects both immediately.

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