During the same period before the First World War, Hoffman was associated with Carl Meerwein to create a network of subsidiaries natural outside of Switzerland. The boycott of German products Roche, Basle for the isolation of its plant in Grenzach, the loss of Russian market of the company and active in the Revolution of 1917 and significant losses in the currency market believe a strong company for the financial crisis . Based on this, the war’s end, Roche turned into a corporation.
On April 18, 1920 death of vitamins Fritz Hoffmann. 1921 hits the market the first product created using compounds produced by chemical synthesis, the Allonal, an analgesic and hypnotic made of barbiturates. After the death of Hoffman, the company is at the portal of a new industry that will generate millions of dollars in the decade ahead, with the introduction of vitamin products for 1938 that would become the engine of the company with leading brands in the market. In 1933, Roche launched physicians the synthesis of vitamin C, through the work of Tadeusz Reichstein (Nobel Prize in 1950) and in 1934 see the light Redoxon (ascorbic acid) and Benerva (vitamin B1 or thiamine).
In 1946, the company creates the foundation Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche to reaffirm their interest in research. The purpose of this Foundation is to achieve advances in research in the field of biomedical science through the creation of groups that is responsible for analyzing problems from different viewpoints.
For 1949, Roche Laboratories of Nutley, New Jersey, began research on tuberculosis. What is achievement was the launch Isoniazid drug under the brand name of medication Rimifon as the causative agent of tuberculosis in 1950. Of this drug to the New York Post said it was “a prodigious drug” given the success he had against the disease.
In 1958 the company acquired the laboratories of Geneva supplements Sauter. Roche subsequently sold out to a number of antidepressant drugs including the Marplan (isocarboxazid, 1960), Laroxyl (Amitriptyline, 1962) and Aurorix (moclobemide, 1990).
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The law firm of Izard Nobel LLP, which is a significant experience representing investors in prosecuting claims of securities fraud, announces that a lawsuit seeking class action status has been filed with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of those ordinary shares purchased by Raymond James Financial, Inc. between April 22, 2008 and April 14 …
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President Barack Obama, arguing that Wall Street created “a culture of irresponsibility,”asked Congress today at a new under federal financial legislation.
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