Asthma In Our Animal Pets

Asthma is a serious disease of dogs and cats, also known as chronic bronchitis. It is a chronic condition and is characterized by inflammation of small airways (bronchioles) in the lungs. When your pet inhales, the airways are reduced, making it difficult for your pet to pick up your breath. In severe cases of asthma, the airways become blocked with mucus and smooth muscle surrounding the airways restricts breathing (bronchospasm). Dogs and cats of all ages can suffer from asthma but is most common in young to middle-aged pets.

Siamese cats are particularly prone. Holistic veterinarians believe that commercial pet food so that food today (which is often filled with dyes and preservatives), together with excessive vaccination, damage the immune system and predispose to our furry companions to allergies. Most asthma attacks are triggered by allergens in the environment. The simple cases of asthma might even go unnoticed or in the case of cats and hairballs wrong. Simple cases are usually presented as dry cough, which may progress to the sounds of beeps that are most obvious when your pet exhales. Severe asthma attacks can be life threatening.

During a severe attack, the amount of effort needed to take a breath is remarkable. You'll notice the shallow breathing, rapid, worked with a marked movement of the abdomen when your pet tries to get more air into his lungs compromised. Cats tend to extend their heads and can even adopt a position of praying with your elbows extended away from the chest.