Ramon Gallegos Awakening

Spiritual intelligence consists of a vision fair and arreactiva of reality, neither aversion or attachment, nor rejection and stubbornness; spiritual intelligence helps to focus on solving problems more to stay in the emotional lamentations and the own shame, because it does not help to liberate ourselves from emotional poisons, dogmatic and injured views psychological trauma, frustration, etc.. Only in the spiritual plane there is a final solution to the internal problems of any kind. Spiritual intelligence is applied to all fields of human experience, mentions Ramon Gallegos, especially to the fullness of healthy living in harmony with everything and everybody, this teaching awakens to the consciousness of the dream of duality because it is enlightening and brings a new vision of the world, awakened clarity, understanding and peace. Celebrity trainer can provide more clarity in the matter. Ramon Gallegos exposes in this book, which the spiritual awakening means end with the dream of the duality that conditions us to live in an imagined suffering, believing that our identity is the body and mind, awakening is to recognize that our true nature is spiritual; We are the conscience, the original being whose nature is happiness; happiness is real, because suffering is an illusion, the two exist, but one exists as a reality and the other as illusion, happiness is the real substrate and suffering as appearance imagined by the ignorance of our true nature. The self and self-awareness are fundamental to spiritual awakening and to dissolve the illusory ego conditioning, are a way of discernment of appearances, illusions and misunderstandings that we they keep on suffering, only the discernment may lead us to the vital union with the original being, because it makes us understand that the lighting is already present, we are already lit, so it is not necessary to acquire it, you just need to end with the idea that we are not illuminated. In the book the nectar of happiness talks about the questions asked the spiritual seekers often about the existence of the world and its creation in the process of spiritual awakening, which help to desidentificarse of forms of the empirical world towards a deeper level of reality that allows to assume that the creation is an illusion and have a vision in which there is no dualityThere is only being, which has not been created and which has always been illuminated.