Canine Brigade Chief

. UU., which have repeatedly noted the significant progress by the increase in the effectiveness and the results derived by the application of the Method Chest, in the special units of their respective institutions, on the other detection systems existing in regard to search and locate people, drugs, explosives or animal life, and consequently they have relevant reports: Captain Patricio Galiano Borja, Expert Dog Behavior Intervention Group Search and Rescue police Nacional del Ecuador. Chest Method Instructor. (In 2005, the Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador, demonstrated the unique level of effectiveness of this system for the detection of explosives, obtaining the 1U place in the International Olympiad Competition K-9 in Indiana United States, for police and military, attended by the main units of the U.S., Canada, Latin America …) Captain Edgar Maroto, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Canine Brigade Chief of the Environmental Protection Unit of the Police Nacional del Ecuador, the Galapagos National Park. Inspector Adolfo Montesinos Rojas, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Canine Brigade Chief of Police of Caracas, Venezuela.

Chest Method Instructor Sergeant Major Jose Buendia, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Instructor of Dog Training School of Carabineros de Chile. Lt. Mario A. Gonzalez, Expert in Search and Collapsed Structure Rescue, Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department, Instructor USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), Florida Task Force One, USA Mayor Luis Alberto Marin Guerrero, Dog Behavior Expert in Search of the National Police of Colombia, Guides Canine Instructor at the National School of Carabineros and Principal Investigator of Project Perros Paza a for Humanitarian Demining, the Ministry of Defence Nacional de Colombia.