Type Skin

However, the concentration of the filters can not increase indefinitely and with impunity. That is why Researchers are constantly looking for new opportunities to raise the level of protection from the sun and not cause a skin of indirect harm. Who is the product Sun protection is especially needed for people who are sensitive to UV radiation. Scientists have counted stock "solar" strength, which is designed for our bodies: for example, white-skinned blonde earthlings in my entire life can spend in the sun 50 000 hours without harm to health. Their swarthy fellows – three times as much.

If we are talking about the correct and safe tan, it must be remembered that the skin's resistance to ultraviolet radiation is not the same for all of us. Experts divide the population Earth in six groups, depending on skin type: * Type 1 People with very fair skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. Experts call them albinos. Their skin contains little melanin, which helps absorb and filter the sunlight. Representatives of this type of leather is very easy to burn (turns red), but rarely tans – usually just red. Such people are generally not recommended to tan, because their skin is not can defend itself from ultraviolet radiation. They may be without danger to himself to stay in the sun for 5-10 minutes. The only way out – to be under the tent, that is enough for health.

* Type 2 people with English, Scotland, Baltic or Scandinavian inheritance: light blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, freckles. Their skin is slightly tan, red, and very often exposed to sunburn. In short, a little more bearable UV-type people than the first, but very similar to him. Without pretreatment of the skin to tan in the first few days in the sun much blush, burn. Later the skin may peel.