Choosing a Diet

Which of the existing systems and diets Power is right for you depends on the individual characteristics of your body, age, health, culinary traditions adopted in your area, and much more. Better than you do all these nuances do not know anybody. Learn to listen to your body and he will let you know that it is good and what is bad. The main component of some theories of a healthy and balanced diet is a diet. Of the many short-term 'Effective' diets, serious attention, in my opinion, deserve a therapeutic diet.

But this is a separate issue, and even a science – diet food. Choosing your own diet, remember that the best diet is one that you can stick all my life. Otherwise, except for the body of stress and health problems short-term diet will not bring you anything! Despite such an individual approach to healthy eating every individual, there are several principles of mineral nutrition for all. Call them the commandments of a healthy diet. Several precepts of healthy eating The first commandment of healthy eating – it's moderation in eating. Remember that nedoest always better than to overeat! Get up from the table with a feeling of light malnutrition. The irony is that in this case, your body will absorb far more nutrients than if you naedites what is called 'from the belly. " The work of the digestive organs will be clear and streamlined. To understand why this happens, try to imagine (do not try the technique, it much weaker than us!) what would happen if you are in the washing machine, designed for 4 kg of laundry, load 10 kg.