Metabolic Disorders

At the same time gradually formed in the subcutaneous tissue characteristic tubercles. Sometimes due to poor blood circulation, they inflamed and become boleznennymi.Voobsche whole body fat of the human body can be divided into three layers, which differ from each other by location and features of metabolic disorders. It is believed that the number of adipocytes (fat cells) in adult enough time. Hence, the increase in the amount of fat is associated not with the number of fat cells and increases their volume. The diameter of fat cells can grow at 30-40 times depending on the degree of obesity and features of adipose tissue.

The first layer – the surface is located between the skin and muscle fascia – thin film that covers the muscles. It is from this layer is mainly dependent shape and proportions of the human figure, that is exactly it is "responsible" for completeness. The first layer is located on the entire surface of the body, and in fact he is affected by cellulite. The second layer of fat – more than a deep, placed at muscle fascia. Its volume is more or less constant and does not change when the total weight loss of the body. The third layer of fat – internal (visceral) – is located inside the abdomen. Hypertrophy – an excessive increase of this layer – More typical of men, and is expressed in the form of big bellies. Treatment.

Success in combating fatty deposits depends on a properly chosen tactics. Need to work on different body wellness practices. Here a trick, rather than frontal attack, but it requires a comprehensive approach to this problem. Let us consider the basic methods of struggle. 1. Need to start with food – it's all we know, but most women do not does. Proper nutrition is the main weapon to combat this problem, namely: – three meals without snacks – no saturated fat meal, take-up liquid meal for 10 – 15 minutes – drink per day 1.5 – 2.5 liters net non carbonated water, ignore the sweet fizzy drinks – food should be rich in fiber (you eat a salad of cabbage, carrots) – eat little and semi-refined foods (sausages, frankfurters, ham, smoked sturgeon, and so on) – upotreblyaet regularly enough vitamins and minerals.