Class Sa’ar 4.5

Class Saar 4.5, is a kind of boat Israeli Navy missile, an improved and enlarged version of Class Saar 4 (INS or INS Chochita Nirit). Two ships of this class were built, the first being the INS Aliya, launched in 1980, followed by the INS Geula.
The Saar incorporate many improvements over 4.5 in electronic systems on the Saar 4: command and control, detection, classification and identification, fire control system, radar, sonar, electronic warfare and communications. The engines and propulsion systems were also improved. The boat is 4 meters longer than the Saar 4, can accommodate a hangar and getting a cover for the helicopter Aerospatiale Dolphin (Dauphin). However, not all ships of this class are suitable for the use of helicopters.
In terms of the proportion of fire-power movement, the Saar 4.5 is the most powerful warship in the world, carrying up to 14 combat attack systems.
The Israeli Army withdrawal both the INS and the INS Aliya Geula, being sold to Mexico to serve in the Mexican Navy in January 2004. The press reports indicate that the Israelis, were added Gabriel anti-ship systems.
Operational history
On 31 July 2006, when, toward a blockade, Hezbollah said it had destroyed a Saar 4.5. However, the Israel Defense Forces responded that this assertion was false and that no boat was destroyed.
It is said that 17 days after the INS Hanit was attacked by Hezbollah, using an Iranian version of the Chinese C-802 missile. During this earlier incident, the Israel Defense Forces say that the ship’s missile systems were not connected. Likewise Navy Mexico, purchased the first two ships in the series, in January 2004 and were renamed ARM and ARM Huracan Storm.

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