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However, no detailed descriptions are stored in your look and feel before the fourth century, when its use became popular and were described by Vegetius and historians Ammianus Marcellinus. This gun was mounted at the scene of the siege for at least 8 men, on a flat earth or bricks which would reduce the vibration to go. It consisted of a wooden frame that forms the basis on the floor, on which stood a wooden frame also (sometimes reinforced with skins) that served as a cap on the arm as he left shot, thus preventing rupture. This arm was surmounted at the tip of a spoon or a leather bag which hung on carrying a heavy stone that was launched at a distance of up to 800 meters. Before that, the arm was lowered by a mechanism of torque pulling the top by means of a rotating drum, which tied the strings attached to the arm.He darted to liberate the whole through a lever on the side opposite to the rotating wheel going down the arm. The role of wild ass in the siege was destroying the defense towers and sweeping the top of the wall of defenders. Its construction disappeared with the V-century barbarian invasions, but was recovered later from the year 1200. Subsequently evolved into a minor siege weapon and caliber distance, the Mangonel, pitching several smaller rocks at distances up to 400 m. The name derives from the Greek Mangonel magganon, which means “engine of war”.