Climbing Helmets Can Be Lifesavers

Today’s climbing helmets do not provide reasons for them not to have to put on. Lightweight and comfortable to wear helmets are current, so that they almost do not feel on his head. Nothing wobbles, no tweaks. However, there are some differences in climbing fall but significant and should be considered depending on individual needs. The climbing helmet is basically the task of protecting the head from falling rocks too. Equally important is the protection from the bumping on the rocks, from top, sides and back. A crash without a helmet can certainly have serious head injuries. Even minor accidents can cause painful wall contact. The main focus of the producers in the development is aimed to absorb the energy of the assets to be able to. For the damping characteristics, there is still space for the manufacturer. The most convincing Inmoldinghelme seem to be. These are extremely light. The downside, they are not very robust. The development of the helmets, however, is highly developed. One of the latest innovations is the Madillo from Edelrid. ForAdjustments have become the Rndelrdchen with most helmets. These are often operate well with one hand and allow a quick and easy adjustment. The recent ratchets will soon become history. Particular attention in contrast to the rest of the equipment is the weight. You notice quite 150 grams more or less on the head. Each head is shaped differently. For this reason, one should wear a helmet before you buy into his outdoor shop but one quarter hour without pain. In relation to the ventilation has also done a lot. At today’s climbing helmet is a lot of vents. Graupner Silvio info (at)