Whirlpool Wehncke

The wellness oasis for your home! A hot tub makes it possible. My wife and I are avid Saunagnger. Some time ago we have built our own sauna in the basement. As an extension of our wellness oasis is still a hot tub now added. We have set it up for lack of space in the garden. The pool is heated and therefore you get between the Saunagngen also a bit of fresh air. Cinergy Health Once the first frost comes, we build the pool from then on. He is an inflatable roundabout with a diameter of about 214 cm and a pelvic height of 80 centimeters short. It is thus enough space for 4 people. The massage blower is operated by a pump. The pump is also used for filtering and heating the pool water. The pool liner is chlorfest, so you can purify water with chlorine in order to guarantee good water quality. We should maintain the water in the basin, because after all, the pool holds about 1000 liters. Since new is constantly filling in the long run very expensive. Thus, the pool heat as long as possible, is an equally inflatable Acoustic Pillowsincluded. The canvas cover with zipper is used for covering the water. So that fits comfortably in the pool, the ground is also inflatable. There are cushions available. The main apparatus is responsible for filtering, pumping, massage and blowers for heating the water. The hot tub has a great relaxing effect, and you can use it even without the wonderful sauna. We’ve built this atmospheric lighting in the garden, which makes the hot tub right now in the times when it is dark earlier very beautiful.